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Blowout Deals - Ebay Business Starter Loads

EBay Business Starter Loads - Closeouts

Below are some closeout loads we have available which would be perfect for the first time Ebay Business owner just starting out, or the already established power seller.

Kmart mixed costume jewelry & accessories, price per Box.
GE light bulbs, assorted appliance, fluorescent, halogen, approx. 4 ft. tall pallets.
Kmart mixed general merchandise, housewares, toys, kitchenware, electronics, & misc.
Rite Aid bulk paper towels, toilet paper, diapers, toys, games, housewares & misc.
Big Lots mixed general merchandise, housewares, lawn & garden, electronics, toys, & misc.
Ames mixed sporting goods & outdoor merchandise.
Fireplace accessories, tool sets, fire screens, candelabras, & more.
Flat hoses on reels, approx. 6 ft. tall pallets.
Wal-Mart assorted toys in Gaylord boxes. Perfect for Ebay Business Owners!
Two Bedroom dressers, sleigh bed, & futon, wholesale $1,281.
Kmart domestics, comforters, bedspreads, sheets, towels, rugs, pillows, drapes, curtains, etc.
Publishers Clearinghouse general merchandise such as knife sets, pasta pots, clocks, wallets, Etc.
Home Shopping Network exercise bikes
Wal-Mart corning ware & dishes
Wal-Mart small refrigerators and freezers
Wal-Mart domestics, comforters, sheets, towels, drapes, rugs, pillows, curtains, etc
Lillian Vernon giftware, home decor, toys, & more, approx. 6+ feet tall
Air conditioners, 5,000 btu’s, 8 per pallet
Rite Aid general merchandise, kitchen utensils, flip flops, Wearever, approx. 5 ft. tall
Pots & Pans, Mirro & Wearever, approx. 5 ft. tall.
Duckwall/Alco small electronics, video games, radios, cell phones, etc.
Wal Mart pots & pans, Regal, Wearever.
Campbell Hausfeld electric pressure washers, avg. 11 per pallet.
Kmart clothing, mixed men’s, women’s, children’s, assorted, 500 pcs.
Home Shopping Network Hitachi camcorders, 4 units.
Sears tv’s & combos, 9 per pallet, assorted sizes & brands.
Home Shopping Network clothing, 30% of wholesale
High end kitchen & dining room tables, call for manifests
Nokie TracFone, 67 pc. Wholesale $3,293
Sharp stereos, 3cd changer, dual cassette, speakers, remote, 12 systems
Rite Aid hba & misc, approx. 6 ft. tall
NEW 3-D Safari plaques, huge, retail $149.00
$75 pc.
NEW Avepro saw blades, steel plywood or steel combination, 7 - 7 1/4", 50 blades per case.
NEW wrought iron hose reel holders, mount to your house, frogs or tulips, 6 per case 6 cases for.
NEW JFK “Profiles in Courage” set, 4 cassette tapes & 1 book per set, 12 sets per case 4 cases for.
NEW Gellyz scented multi colored gel pens, 3 pens per pack, 48 packs per case........10 cases for.
NEW Craftsman post hole diggers, 10 pcs.
NEW kids magic pop up tents, 6 tents per case. 3 cases for.
NEW Goody’s hair accessories, very assorted, 1,000 pcs.
NEW mini remote control race cars, 6 different styles per case, 48 cars per case.
NEW Home Shopping Network “Hips Away”, wholesale $78.00 per unit, 12 units.
NEW emergency light/tool kit, flashers, reflectors, light, & tools, 30 units.
NEW in box TJL Industrial 4 in 1 Jump Starter w/ air compressor, 10 units.
NEW LTD wood trunks, lawn bugs, & gold mirrored shelves, 50 units per pallet.
NEW baby bassinetts, light blue, Sunkids brand, 10 pcs. In boxes.
NEW sugar cookies, 72 cases per pallet, 364 cookies per case.
NEW Anchor Hocking glassware, casserole dishes, drinking glasses, punch bowls, pie dishes, etc.
NEW Hispanic cd’s, cassettes, & video tapes.
NEW 2 ton long frame floor jacks, 8 per pallet.
NEW Ortho caterpillar horticulture spray.
NEW baby merchandise, high chairs, strollers, walkers, potties, bassinets, tricycles, etc.
New Comforters, Assorted Brand Names Sizes & Styles, 25 Per Pallet.
NEW canvas organizers, including paper, 410 pcs.
NEW Fingerhut domestics, twin comforters, towels, tablecloths, etc.
NEW American Greetings, cards, wrapping paper, gift bags, bows, & accessories.
NEW cosmetics, assorted, lipsticks, blush, mascara, nail care, eyeliner, lip liners, etc. 1,000 pcs.
NEW MSR Imports, home decor & giftware, average 270 pcs. Per pallet.
NEW Sears general, dishes, cookeware, drill bits, fire ext, kids Craftsman power tool sets, & more.
NEW picture frames, assorted sizes, styles, & colors.
NEW Sarah Michaels hand & body lotions, shower gels & lotions, buffs, etc. approx. 2,900 pcs.
NEW Duck House Dolls, 12" - 28"’s, assorted, 81 dolls per pallet, all in box w/ certificate.
NEW mature ladies clothing, assorted tops, pants, sweatshirts, skirts, & more, 700 pcs.
NEW gen. merch. toys, housewares, kitchenware, sports, collectibles, school, average 800 pcs.
REFURBISHED Sears tools, cordless drills, assorted saws, etc.
$850 +
NEW Gellyz scented multi colored gel pens, 3 pens per pack, 4,080 packs.
NEW Sears clothing, mens, womens, childrens, nice assortment, 315 pcs. Per pallet: FOr established Ebay Business Owners, or a start-up.
$850 +


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