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Closeout Loads of Barbie Dolls and Toys, Kid's Books & Stationary

Do you want to sell Ebay Items available for pennies on the wholesale dollar? Ebay Merchandise carries a full line of below wholesale Ebay items for resale including toys, barbie dolls, kid's books, stuffed and plush toys and stationary. We have Ebay lots of brand name items like barbie dolls and others.


If you are serious and want to sell Ebay Items, We are ready for you with a huge selection of wholesale barbie dolls, toys, kids books and stationary items are truckloads directly from the Department Store Reclamation Centers to you!!

We sell Closeouts and Ebay Items by the lot or by the truckload.

Ebay Items to Sell available Below Wholesale including Barbie Dolls,Stuffed Plush Toys, Kids Books and Stationary Items.

Just call or fax us your price quote and we will beat any written proposal on every department store returns. Please call for details.

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Make Money on Ebay with our Toys and Kids Item Closeouts:

Toys from Department Store Code #30 "Exclusive Offer": Get ready for X-Mas by ordering now and getting the best. Take advantage of our super low prices. Reserve your toys load now for the upcoming season! We will hold your load until you are ready for us to ship it. Please call for an exclusive on-line price - mention this page!

All merchandise is a mixture of store returns that may contain some overstock merchandise from the top toy stores in America. A huge 40" hand loaded container. Many items are included, for example: action toys, dolls, figures, remote control toys, talking toys, electronic toys, hand-held toys, Barbie toys and much much more. These loads are super for export. Order now and save!

Toys From Code #30 National Store.
From The #1 Toy Retailer In The U.S. 
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Exclusive Offer:
The lowest prices in America!!! Call us and find out.

For a limited time only!
40 foot container of mixed, brand name toys for export only.

All toys are new: 1st quality - in original boxes.
Your cost is as low as 23% on the dollar.

Exclusive Offer!
All toys are new 1st quality in original boxes. You get assortment of action toys, figures, dolls, remote control toys, talking Barbie toys and much more. All toys are brand name such as: Mattel, Galoob, Hasbro, Kenner, Toy Biz, Barbie and more. Triple your money. Make your own load. Your price is as low as 23% of retail price. We made 4 lots available for you or you can make your own lot.

Lot #1: $7500 to $8500 retail value. Please call for updated price.
Lot #2: $10,000 to $12,500 retail value. Please call for updated price.
Lot #3 $15,000 to $17,000 retail value. Please call for updated price.
Lot #4 super deal $25,000 to $27,000 retail value A complete Toy Dept. Please call for updated price.

We also have a 20' or 40' container loads available. We Will Beat Any Price! Please Call For Details! Sell on Ebay today!

All below wholesale toys, barbie dolls, kids books and stationary items described contain a combination of store returns & salvage merchandise and may contain some overstock merchandise, unless otherwise noted. Most merchandise is sold by the truckloads, pallets and by the lots. Price and merchandise availability is subject to change without notice. Loads may be sold as bulk loads. (No wholesale value, percentages or piece count given).

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